Staff Picks: Summer '15-- Cat

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Cat pretty much runs the show around here and is a badass in and outside of the work place. Between fostering pit bulls and taking road trips with her BB, she plays a mean viola and on a rare occasion you might find her harmonizing alongside IGWT alum Myra Flynn at NYC shows. Peep her in our men's Bjorn Button Down here:
Photo taken by our friend Arden Wray of Boots and Pine.

Name: Catherine
Staff Pick: Bjorn Button Down (currently only available in stores!!)
Why you love this item: I like to think Rizzo, from Grease, would have worn this and I relate to Rizzo hard core.
Favorite Summer travel destination: My mind.
Summer style uniform staple: Sunnies, duh. Don't want no crow's feet.
Best Summertime beverage: Margaritas by the sea mamacita!
TV show you'd want to be a character in: Happy Days
Queen Bey or Bad Girl RiRi: I am super loyal to Bey, but I'd say "Hey, girl, hey!" to RiRi if I saw her!


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