Staff Picks-- Fall/Winter '14: Austin

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Many of you may know Austin, since he and Shana have been a couple together now for almost a decade; or maybe because you've shopped at his former store, Ad Hoc; or perhaps you've just seen him around the neighborhood. Recently, though, he came on board to bring his varying kinds of expertise to our operation and became the sole man on the IGWT studio team! Aside from all this, he and Sha just welcomed their twin baby girls into the world, and he is already winning points in that department as super dad! We were able to snap him in his Fall/Winter picks before taking paternity leave- check them out here:

Name: Austin
Favorite Fall Activity: Walking the pups (before they refuse going outside).
How would you describe your style: Careless.
Neighborhood hangout: Don't hang much these days, but when I can I head to Harefield Road.
Best NY Slice: Does pie count? Then anything from Four & Twenty Blackbirds.
Theme Song to Your Life: "What'cha Gonna Do About It" by Small Faces
Knicks or Nets: I dunno. KG would be fun to watch I guess.

Shawlpea // Naadam Beanie

Naadam Beanie

Mark Toggle in Black Leather

Shawlpea // Naadam Beanie


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