Staff Picks-- Fall '14: Zoe

Monday, November 10, 2014

Zoe is our in-house photographer and savvy web maven. She is super chill, rolls with the punches and is almost always down for whatever, which makes her quite the co-worker- in and outside of work! She has the wildest stories and never skips a beat. And she has one of the best laughs we've ever heard. It's also amazing that she chose this backdrop to pair with the Yeti pullover, just sayin'. Peep the rest of her Fall picks here:

Name: Zoƫ
Favorite Fall Activity: Wearing a jacket
How would you describe your style: "Dad On Vacation"
Neighborhood hangout: Oh, I can loiter anywhere. I'm not picky.
Best NY Slice: I know everyone says Di Fara's, but it's true.
Theme Song to Your Life: "Bewitched" by Candlemass
Knicks or Nets: The Nets have better outfits.

Yeti Pullover
Starry Pluto Ring
Yeti Pullover


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