Staff Picks-- Fall '14: Yvette

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Yvette may not know it yet, but she is our secret weapon. Don't let her rather quiet demeanor fool you, this one is loaded with sass, wit, charm and charisma to boot. We love her thoughtful and meticulous eye for detail and generous nature-- the girl bakes a mean Babka and brings leftovers to share. Plus, she's winning in the punctuality department. Not kidding, she is NEVER late. For anything. Ever. Just saying. See how she styles her Fall '14 picks here:

Name: Yvette
Favorite Fall Activity: Baking, hiking & traveling.
How would you describe your style: Vintage, modern, classic.
Neighborhood hangout: Nowhere and everywhere... I'm a huge fan of BAM.
Best NY Slice: I haven't met a slice I didn't like.
Theme Song to Your Life: If I had one it would most definitely be a Tom Waits song. Since the season is upon us, I'll go with an unconventional "holiday" tune: "Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis" by Tom Waits.
Knicks or Nets: I have no allegiance to either team.

Overlap Top // Naadam Beanie // T Thread Earring

Naadam Beanie
Earth Tu Face

Overlap Top // Naadam Beanie // T Thread Earring



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