Staff Picks-- Fall '14: Alexis

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Alexis is our sister from another mister (his name is Gary, hehe). She's been assisting Shana with all of our clothing design and production since way back when we had the teeny little studio on Wythe Ave., and is still going strong-- a seasoned vet to say the least. Surprisingly strong for her small frame (much like an ant), she's ridiculously stylish, super level-headed, and a text book Scorpio. Can we mention how she can bake, sew and draw all of us under the table?! And her hair seriously grows faster than anyone we've ever known. So crazy. Check out her Fall '14 essentials here: 

Name: Alexis (but we call her Pretty Girl, for obvious reasons)
Favorite Fall Activity: Sleeping under a big, fluffy, heavy blanket.
How would you describe your style:  Lazy.  I'm in jeans and a top about 75% of the time but I've got a lot of nice, weird stuff for when I feel like making an effort.  Then, I'd say my style is a mixed bag.
Neighborhood hangout: Doris.  It isn't quite yet, but it will be.
Best NY Slice: L&B Spumoni Gardens - sooo worth the trek. Closer to home, I guess Smiling Pizza in Park Slope.  I was raised on that stuff, so I'm kind of biased.
Theme Song to Your Life: "You Sexy Thing" by Hot Chocolate.  Haha, JK.  I don't think I have one of these.
Knicks or Nets: No allegiance to sports

Biltmore Fairfax Hat // Undercover Button Up // Sandy Pant

Areaware Minim Playing Cards
Biltmore Fairfax Hat

Undercover Button Up // Sandy Pant


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