Staff Picks-- Fall '14: Alexa

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Alexa Maas is our resident wonder woman. She does a little bit of everything around here-- from managing our accessories production, to sewing pom poms on hats, to creating graphics and patterns for store signage and random other things (ahem have you seen our new body parts tote bag that she designed or our Brooklyn Bandana that she hand-drew?!). The long and short is that we love her. She is amazingly talented, funny as a mo-fo, and has stems we would all kill for. See for yourself here:

Name: Alexa
Staff Picks: Long Slim Skirt in black wool, Bit Stud in 14k, ALL Knitwear hat in triangles
Favorite Fall Activity: Having the windows open in my apartment… I don't think that's really an activity though
How would you describe your style: J. Jill on a bender (mostly for the linen tops, thanks Mom)
Neighborhood hangout: Greenpoint Heights
Best NY Slice: Sal's works for me
Theme Song to Your Life: "Peg" by Steely Dan
Knicks or Nets: Whatever

Long Slim Skirt

Bit Stud
ALL Knitwear Hat

ALL Knitwear Hat // Bit Stud


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