Staff Picks-- Fall '14: Cat

Monday, September 29, 2014

Acting as our Operations and Store Manager, Cat has a lot going on here, in front and behind the scenes. No matter the chaos, this tall glass of water is always cool as a cucumber and happy to lend her knowledge to help any situation that arises. We love her for this (and too many other reasons to list) and would be lost little lambs without her! Check out her classic vintage taste and laid-back thoughts on the season here:

Name: Cat
Favorite Fall Activity: Listening to people complain about the end of Summer.
How would you describe your style: Urban apocalyptic cowboy
Neighborhood hangout: I rarely hang out around after work and it was always the dearly departed Lulu's. Although, I won't miss their live shows. That space was never good for shows.
Best NY Slice: Vinnie's on Bedford, but mostly becausetheir garlic knots are so good.
Theme song to your life: "Volcano Girls" by Veruca Salt
Knicks or Nets: Neither. What are "Knicks" anyway?

Hilda Turtleneck

Public Supply Notebook
Rowan Earring

Hilda Turtleneck // Rowan Earring


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