Studio Visit: DS & Durga

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

We have loved everything about David and Kavi since we met them-- and the charming couple behind the fragrance line DS & Durga has evolved quite a bit since our owner, Shana, first met them over a decade ago. This power couple has expanded their small perfume line into a fragrance empire, all while having and raising two beautiful children. By staying true to their passion and love for what they do and each other, David and Kavi are absolutely an inspiration, and we are so happy to call them friends. With the launch of their new branding, packaging, and website, we thought we should pay a (long overdue) visit to David’s studio to see what the two have been up to and play catch up.

DS&D parfum/cologne favorite, past, present and/or future?
D: Depends on the day-- “Sir,” pure sandalwood oil, or a light summery floral
K: “Grapefruit,” “Cowgirl Grass,” or whatever new scent they are working on

Scent that reminds you of your childhood:
D: The ocean-- salty sea air (that will always remind him of home)
K:  Olfactory memories of Summer vacations in India-- a plane landing and smelling burning coal, tires, and flowers

Theme song to your life:

D: Ode to Joy, Beethoven
K: Spiritually: Passing Through, Leonard Cohen
    Physically: Disorder, Joy Division (not the name,          just so good to dance to)
    Mentally: Gimme Shelter, The Rolling Stones

Best NY Slice:
D: Di Fara’s
K: Joe’s

Alternate profession:
D:  A composer
K: A power real estate broker

Knicks or Nets:
D: Celtics
K: Nets

To shop DS&Durga, click here. To check out their new website and get all the updates, click here.


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