New Product: SPIKES HIGH

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

We just got some new t-shirts in from our buds over at SPIKES HIGH Sporting and Goods, and are officially ready for summer!

Their attention is on Sport, first and foremost... but the lighter side. The fun side, where the importance and love of Sport mingles cheekily with bad puns, pop culture references, discriminating design, and the affectionately antiquated. 

The Spikes High perspective is one born out of sports bar ribbing, 2500-word Grantland breakdowns of Stephen Curry’s jumper, walk-off homers, throwback logos, Kenny Powers anything, reading box scores in the paper, PTI shouting matches, Mean Gene on Saturday Night’s Main Event, Ebbet’s Field’s attention to craft, the last 30 seconds of a Sweet Sixteen game, Sports Center with Keith and Dan, enthusiasm for distinguished design in all forms, and that split second of magic you feel when you walk into the ballpark/stadium/arena on game day.

You know, all the good stuff.

T-shirts available for purchase in stores and online now! 


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