Lunch Break: The-Meat-Hook Sandwich Shop

Thursday, June 12, 2014

When we heard that our friends over at The-Meat-Hook had a sandwich shop in the works, we were pretty stoked about it. The shop is officially open, so we decided to head over and check it out for ourselves.

These hard working and charming (to say the least) boys are turning out some seriously insane sandwich combinations. The shop is small, but cozy. And while the menu may also seem small, the sandwiches are anything but. Everything we tasted, from the Hot Chicken with slaw to the House Ham special to the Vegetarian (delicious vegetarian food, indeed!) was layered and loaded with flavor. Go try one for yourself and you’ll know what we mean. Oh, and don’t forget to add on the lobster for $40 (lol).             


In between greeting guests and taking orders, we were able to chat with our buddy, and Sandwich-Virtuoso, Brent Young to ask him some really choice questions:

Menu item of choice:  Roast Pork Sandwich (He’s eaten one every day this week)

Current condiment obsession: Tonato (Also on the Roast Pork Sammie- it’s a tuna/anchovy/caper aioli, oh dayuuumn)

Theme song to your life: “Brick In Yo Face” -Stitches

Best NY Slice: Archie’s in Bushwick

Alternate profession: Gucci Mane (So, rapper??)

Knicks or Nets: STEELERS


The shop is located at 495 Lorimer Street in Williamsburg and it’s open from 11am-4pm (for now).  Follow them on Instagram for all the daily updates: @meathooksandwich


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