Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Name: Noelle

Fav spring activity: taking day trips when I get a chance to. Riding my bike everywhere. 

Spring pick: Striped Tap Shorts 

Why do you like that thang: It's just a perfect pair of shorts. They don't go up your butt and are really easy to wear. I like them with more light colors, but honestly I feel anything goes with these! A sunflower printed crop top would be cute. 

How will you wear it: With so many different things! Lots of vintage shirts and hats. A cute cropped red shirt would look adorable. 

Where are you going to go in this piece:  Well, I already took them to Joshua Tree as you can see! But I will hopefully be also bringing them to Louisiana when I visit my home state this summer... maybe to Chicago too! 

How much did this winter suck: It's so funny, but I kind of really love the winter. So I'm fine with it staying a bit cold because the summer here is HOT. But since the beginning of April I have been pretty sad on the days I had to wear tights. 


  1. The beading on the dress is beautifully and detailed. The material is smooth and of high quality. It has "weight" to it. I cannot believe the deal I got!
    Flirt By Maggie Sottero



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